Why it is worth your while to check in at the Bike Station in Willingen!

In conjunction with the College of Physical Education in Cologne, our Bike Station has been certified as a “special tip” in the luxury class of mountain bike friendly businesses! Why have we repeatedly been awarded the highest honour? The following points should answer this question:

  • At least 2 to 3 guided tours weekly with in-house guides
  • Professional tour advice/consultations for all requirements
  • Implementing our own riding technique camps and events
  • Provision of high-grade rental bikes
  • Rental of special bike map materials
  • Rental of GPS navigation devices
  • Professional repair services
  • Secure bike garage with doubled security
  • Two assembly kickstands
  • Special tools for your MTB (mountain bike)
  • Spare/replacement parts storeroom of wearing parts
  • Bike cleaning with soft- and high-pressure washing
  • Bike pumps and damping pumps
  • Laundry service (at a fee)
  • Vitality biker breakfast with muesli, fruit, etc.
  • Drying room for wet clothing
  • Small bike shopwei Montageständer
  • Current weather reports and forecasts
  • Sport massages in-house
  • Late check-out (late check-out on day of departure with a possibility of showering)
  • Collection service in case of defects
  • Energy products (bars, gels and powders)
  • Photo service during guided tours with guides
  • Conducting of professional incentive events

We love and live out the sport – and this means many positives for you as a bike holiday-maker!

Our guests should return from their tours with beaming faces! For many years this has been our daily goal! Many beaming faces have been seen at the bike washing station …

But we won’t rest on our laurels – quite the opposite: We are working daily to ensure that our guests are always smiling!

Made-to-measure tour advice for beginners, ambitions bikers and also pros: Guided tours with our own guides, Bernd and Michael, are something not to be missed. Both are very experienced bikers and know the most scenic trails, the top huts and the greatest lookout points.

Our guides are able to assess your level after just a few kilometres and to adjust the planned tour accordingly, if necessary. They don’t “guide” but rather “accompany” tours. At need they gladly lend a hand through technically difficult passages.

They know a great deal about the countryside and its people and maintain a big interest in and curiosity about other people, whom one gets to know at an outdoor sporting event.

You will be washing your bike with a beaming face. That’s a promise!

Enjoying and preserving nature – together!

A campaign of the DIMB e. V. (www.dimb.de)  

Mountain Biking – An Outdoor Sport

Whether fun or action, sporting challenge or attaining stillness from everyday life: Mountain biking is closely tied to nature. Indeed, recuperation and movement in the forest and in the mountains are the main reason why mountain bikers engage in this sport.

Mountain biking fits in perfectly with nature. A riding technique that’s considerate of paths is standard practice today – likewise the environmental balance sheet stands out proudly: Mountain bikers start their tours directly outside their front doors, travel to their destinations on public transport or engage in carpooling.

Nature connects us

Delighting ourselves in nature is what bonds mountain bikers with hikers and strollers.  Almost all encounters occur without conflict. However, should any tension arise, it can be defused with quiet, self-controlled conduct.

Pedestrians often get a fright when mountain bikers approach too fast! By announcing your presence in time and readily greeting, you demonstrate that there’s a person under every helmet. In this way we can all contribute to getting to know and appreciate each other.

Fair on Trails supports mutual understanding and a tolerant togetherness on all paths.

Fair On Trails

Never ride cross-country, otherwise you are damaging nature! Respect the local path blockings! Forestry, cattle farming and the interests of nature conservation all justify this. Additionally in nearby holiday areas local blockings could be justified. The manner in which you ride determines the behaviour of the authorities and administrations. On private property you are frequently merely tolerated!

Don’t brake with locking wheels (exception: in cases of emergency)! Locking brakes encourage soil erosion and cause damage to the paths. Adjust your riding technique to the terrain and the condition of the trails. Certain braking maneuvers and riding styles are suited only to select paths.

Carelessness, even if only for a moment, can cause an accident. Adjust your speed to the individual situation. In unobservable passages, there could be pedestrians, obstacles or other bikers at any time. You must be able to stop within eyeshot! This serves to ensure your safety as well as that of other people.

Announce your biking-by early. Do not scare other path users! Reduce your speed when passing to walking speed or stop completely. Consider, other path users can become aware of you too late. If possible, bike only in small groups!

Grazing animals and all the other animals in the forest and meadows require particular consideration! Close pasture fences after passing through them. Leave the forest timeously before twilight, so as not to disturb the animals foraging for food.

Begin your trip, if possible, directly in front of your hotel entrance. Check your equipment, assess your skills correctly, and choose the territory you wish to bike accordingly.

Bad weather or a breakdown can prolong your trip considerably. Also be prepared for unforeseeable situations: Think about tools, food and a first aid kit. Wear safety equipment! Although a helmet can protect, it is no life insurance.

Michael Behle

Your host, Michael, grew up in Willingen and is a passionate mountain biker. For more than 15 years he has been looking after the needs of bike holiday-makers. He will gladly make you individual tour recommendations and pass along interesting tips. Moreover, he will willingly accompany you on guided tours to the secret places of the locals.

“A tour in Sauerland is both fun-filled and challenging because of the high density of trails. On my guided tours I try to demonstrate all the facets of biking. Each tour must be an exceptional sporting and outdoors exerperience!” – Michael Behle

My Bike

  • Frame: ROSE Thrill Hill 3 custom-made 27.5”, matt/white lime L+ carbon 2016
  • Handlebar: Race face next flat wide carbon – ERGON grips GA1 Evo
  • Stem: Race face turbine 70 mm
  • Suspension fork: DT Swiss suspension fork OPM 27.5” ODL
  • Damper: DT Swiss damper ODL
  • Seat post: Race face turbine
  • Brakes: SHIMANO XT 180/180
  • Shift levers: SRAM X0 2/10
  • Rims: MAVIC Crossmax SL
  • Tyres: CONTINENTAL X-King
  • Weight: single digit! 🙂