Do you know the feeling? One could think that as a fully fledged mountain biker one would constantly have to ride away:

Tour reports from distant and exotic countries fill all the magazines and arouse wanderlust and a desire to travel. At least at the Alps there seems to be no way around it.

Can’t one enjoy biking comfortably at home? Of course you can! It saves a great deal of time, petrol and standing in traffic. Where? Well, for example around Willingen, in the Sauerland uplands.

Not for nothing does the Bike Circus gather at the big Festival: One can superbly enjoy mountain biking in all its variations.

Varied, excellently sign-posted paths run through the rolling panoramic countryside. Directly at the end of the village one already encounters the forest. Annoying stopgap stretches on overcrowded streets barely exist. In their stead there are many ways, paths and trails through meadows, forests and moors. In accordance with the conditions one never has excessive uphills. Rather one cycles up and down in steady rotations. That lifts the spirits!

My favourite there is the “Uplandsteig” (upland climb) (be sure to take the mountain variation!). With 65 km length and at 1.600 metres it is an official ride, which one can easily shorten. Because the steady up and down with a considerable portion of fun trails demands energy and physical fitness, it is worthwhile to take breaks inbetween and to take in the idyllic view.

Besides, there is of course the cable railway at Ettelsberg Mountain als an alternative means of ascent. The freeride stretch is highly recommended, should one wish to improve one’s riding technique. One could also allow oneself a day to dedicate one’s attention to downhill riding. This is worth it and incidentally improves one’s mood considerably!

Don’t have the fitting bikes for everything? No problem, one can rent these: e.g. at our ROSE test centres, the Schröder Guesthouse oder Hotel Hochheide. Here you can find the current bikes of every shape, a workshop, map materials, GPS and tour tips …

But here in Germany the weather is frequently so bad? Come on! With sludge and mud, when one gets really dirty, roaring through puddles and sliding over roots, that’s when bikers have some real fun. ;O)

Where does the nice path over sticks and stones from the last marathon begin? There is still much to discover there – I am already looking forward to my next tour through the Willingen uplands!

Ride on with fun!
Mrs Dee